" An Arrangement of Euphoric Illusions is incisive, astute, attune to the rhythms of today's urbanity, and a distinguished addition to the theatrical canon."

"" This play is impeccably balanced with drama, hilarity, sexuality, and provocation. Layered with rich characters and meaningful dialogue, this is another sure fire HIT for Elise Milner, playwright, who truly understands human emotion and condition."

" Edgy, twisty, thought provoking, a diamond in the rough..."

" Two thumbs up, well written, well acted, erotic and unpredictable!"

" Artsy and emotional with a talented cast..."

" Strong performances by all with a solid script, definately a unique way of story telling with a shock and awe twist; you won't forget this night of theater!"

" This play stages two perspectives and really makes you think about your own life and relationships, while leaving you both laughing and crying..."